Distinguished Professional Award


The Distinguished Professional Award honors professional members of NDRPA and NRPA with more than 10 years of experience.


Qualifications include:

  • Membership in NDRPA and must have held an elected position at some point.
  • Experience of at least 10 years as a leader, instructor, supervisor, administrator, consultant, or a combination of these services in the field of parks, recreation, and conservation.
  • Shown leadership through involvement in local organizations, state or regional associations, committees, special projects, or any other community involvement.
  • Achieved accomplishments including awards, commendations, honors, and advancement through their work in parks and recreation.
  • Made significant contributions to the park, recreation, and leisure field through any of the following:  research, advocacy, community efforts, public relations, and any contributions to the profession which has affected the philosophy or practice of parks and recreation.


Award Recipients

RaNae Jochim
Bismarck Parks and Recreation

RaNae Jochim <br /> Bismarck Parks and Recreation

2020 – RaNae Jochim, Bismarck Parks and Recreation
2019 – Kevin Klipfel, Bismarck Parks and Recreation
2018 – Barb Erbstoesser, West Fargo Park District
2018 – Darin Krueger, Williston Parks and Recreation District
2015 – Greg Smith, Bismarck Parks and Recreation District
2014 – Ron Merritt, Minot Park District
2013 – Cole Higlin, Mandan Parks and Recreation
2013 – Terry Wallace, Devils Lake Parks and Recreation
2011 – James Kramer, Dickinson Parks and Recreation
2009 – Bill Palmiscno, Grand Forks Park District
2006 – Bruce Kary, Dickinson Park District
2005 – Dave Klundt, Fargo Park District
2003 – Tim Kuntz & Dennis Nybo, Bismarck Parks & Recreation District
1998 – Dr. Lynn Anderson, UND
1998 – Mike Nilson, Minot Park District
1997 – Steve Mullally, Grand Forks Park District
1995 – Randy Bina, Bismarck Parks and Recreation District
1994 – Wayne Beyer, Wahpeton Park Board
1990 – Steve Neu, Bismarck Parks and Recreation District