Golden Egg Award

2023 NDRPA Golden Egg Award Recipient: Dale Pahlke Rodeo Arena, Mandan Park District – Cole Higlin.

This award recognizes outstanding and innovative park projects in North Dakota.  It was established in honor of former Fargo Park District Superintendent Bob “Goose” Johnson.  The award is presented to the entity that manages an innovative park or facility that serves as a model facility or park in its inclusiveness and responsiveness to the needs of the local community or region.  The award will promote uniqueness, innovation, creativity, and display a high degree of design quality for recreation usage.



Award Recipients

2023 – Dale Pahlke Rodeo Arena, Mandan Park District
2022 – Maplewood Park Renovation, West Fargo Parks and Recreation District
2022 – Broadway Square, Fargo Parks and Recreation District
2021- Cottonwood Park Expansion (Bismarck Parks and Recreation District)
2020 – Mandan Veterans Memorial Ballpark (Mandan Park District)
2020 – Rustad Recreation Center (West Fargo Park District)
2019 – Two Rivers Activity Center (Jamestown Parks and Recreation)
2018 – Starion Sports Complex (Mandan Parks and Recreation)
2017 – Gaukler Family Wellness Center (Valley City Parks and Recreation)
2016 – ICON Sports Center (Grand Forks Park District)
2016 – Universal Playground (Mandan Parks and Recreation)
2015 – Hillside Aquatic Complex (Bismarck Parks & Recreation District)
2014 – Williston Area Recreation Center (Williston Parks and Recreation District)
2014 – Haugenoe Park Playground (Crosby Park District)
2014 – Bismarck Municipal Ballpark (Bismarck Parks and Recreation District)
2013 – Choice Health & Fitness (Grand Forks Park District)
2012 – Chahinkapa Zoo’s Orangutan Exhibit (Wahpeton Parks and Recreation)
2011 – BSC Aquatic & Wellness Center (Bismarck Parks and Recreation District)
2010 – Williston Community Builders Playground Project (Williston Parks and Recreation District)
2009 – Jack Hoeven Park (Minot Park District)
2008 – Skate Park (Valley City Parks & Recreation)
2007 – Frances Leach High Prairie Arts & Science Complex (Bismarck Parks & Recreation District)
2007 – FM Rotary Universal Playground (Fargo Park District)
2006 – Magical Moments Playground (Bismarck Parks & Recreation District)
2006 – Silver Lake Recreation Area (Sargent County Park Board)
2005 – Waterfowl Exhibit at Chahinkapa Zoo (Wahpeton Parks and Recreation)
2004 – West River Community Center (Dickinson Park District)
2004 – Missouri Valley Legacy Center (Bismarck Parks & Recreation District)
2003 – Skateboard Park (Mandan Parks and Recreation)
2003 – Youth Sports Complex (Valley City)
2002 – Spring Lake Park (Williston Parks and Recreation District)
2002 – Village West Dog Park (Fargo Park District)
2002 – Water Park (Mayville)
2001 – Grand Forks (Kings Walk Golf Course)(Grand Forks Park District)
2001 – Valley City (Swimming Pool Complex)
2001 – Tinta Tawa Park (Casselton)
1999 – Optimist Park (Dickinson Park District)
1999 – Haunted House (Cavalier)
1998 – Fargo North Water Park (Fargo Park District)
1998 – Kidder Recreation Area (Wahpeton Parks and Recreation)
1998 – Pheasant Country Golf Course (South Heart Park Board)
1998 – Beach Swimming Pool Complex (Beach Park Board)
1997 – Southside Municipal Baseball Park Renovation (Dickinson Park District)
1997 – Hazen Bay Recreation Area (Hazen Park District)
1997 – Hanna Track Project (Valley City Park District/VCSU)
1997 – Dakota Centennial Park (Mandan Park District)
1996 – Belfield Conservation Dam Recreation Area (Belfield Park Board)
1996 – Prairie Rose Chapel (Wahpeton Parks and Recreation)
1996 – Penguin Exhibit at Roosevelt Zoo (Minot Park District)
1995 – New Gymnastics Facility (Red River Valley Gymnastics, Grand Forks)
1995 – Trails (Bismarck Parks & Recreation District)
1994 – Mountain Bicycle Trail (Turtle River State Park)
1994 – Mike Dosch Memorial Swimming Pool (Devils Lake Park District)
1994 – Matching Grants Program (Bismarck Parks & Recreation District)
1993 – Playground Project (Fort Yates Park Board)
1993 – Lake Elsie Development (Hankinson Park Board)
1993 – Prairie Rose Carousel (Wahpeton Parks and Recreation)
1993 – Fargodome (Fargo Park District)