Outstanding Young Professional Award


2023 NDRPA Outstanding Young Professional Award Recipient: Dylan Thiem.

2023 NDRPA Outstanding Young Professional Award Recipient: Dylan Thiem, Bismarck Park District.

​The Outstanding Young Professional Award honors professional members of NDRPA and NRPA who have experience of less than 10 years and are age 35 or younger.


Qualifications include:

  • At least three years of active membership in NRPA, NDRPA, and any of its branches and affiliates.
  • Less than 10 years of experience as a leader, instructor, supervisor, administrator, consultant, or a combination of these services in the field of parks, recreation and conservation.
  • Must be 35 years of age or younger (at the time of nomination deadline).
  • Shown leadership skills through involvement in local associations, advocacy efforts, community outreach, holding an elected position within local organization, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Achieved accomplishments including awards, commendations, honors, and professional advancement through their work in parks and recreation.
  • Contributed to the park, recreation, and leisure field through any of the following: research, advocacy, community efforts to advance the field, developing service through creative program development.


Award Recipients

2023 – Dylan Thiem, Bismarck Park District
2022 – Randi Litchy, Fargo Park District
2021 – Hilary Flatt, Valley City Parks and Recreation
2020 – Ashley Martinson, Valley City Parks and Recreation
2019 – Elly DesLauriers, Minot Park District
2018 – Allison Hauschild, West Fargo Park District
2018 – Matthew Mack, Dickinson Parks and Recreation
2017 – Jahna Gardiner, Bismarck Parks and Recreation District
2013 – Jeremy Ludlum, Williston Parks and Recreation District
2010 – Dr. Joe Deutsch, North Dakota State University
2006 – Dave Frueh, Mandan Park District
2001 – Kevin Klipfel, Valley City Park District
1998 – Bob Gillen, Hazen Park District
1998 – Amy Pederson, Valley City Park District
1997 – Tyler Jacobson, Casselton Park District
1997 – James Kramer, Dickinson Park District